Yoco offers a suite of online payment solutions to support small businesses

Today’s shoppers are embracing e-commerce with wallets wide open: thanks to the pandemic , the allure of shopping online – whether to buy or to browse and research before you buy – is powerful. And companies that don’t reach out to their customers online stand to lose – a lot.

Yoco’s online payment suite offers a selection of online payment solutions to suit your needs, however you do business.

Yoco’s Online Payments Group Product Manager, Julia Redelinghuys, walks us through Yoco’s online product line and how it benefits entrepreneurs.

  1. Tell us about yourself in terms of what you do at Yoco and how the work you do with online solutions helps your customers.

My passions lie in digital innovation, creative design and financial inclusion. My role at Yoco combines these elements and involves understanding the needs of our merchants, then creating online products that empower them, creating meaningful connections to information, services, and opportunities to get paid.

Our vision is to be a multi-product company, and a big part of my role is to bring Yoco to that point. I love how Yoco is using technology to really talk about “open trade” – removing barriers and creating access so more businesses can participate in the economy and thrive.

  1. What is Yoco’s online payment solution and how does it work?

We are building a financial platform for modern commerce focused on freelancers who previously traded in cash. It started with our famous little credit card machines, and we continued to develop our products in new areas such as online payments to meet the needs of our merchants.

During the pandemic, we recognized the great need for our merchants to accept payments remotely, as they were unable to make face-to-face payments during the lockdown.

In response to this, we quickly accelerated the development of new online payment options, including Yoco Link, Yoco invoices and Yoco Gateway.

Since then we have continued to expand our range, recently launching Invoices and a new Shopify payment plugin.

The direction we’re headed in, this multi-product universe, is exciting because it’s about creating products that meet the needs of small business owners, no matter the size or stage of their business.

  1. Please explain the use cases for each of your online products in terms of effectiveness for merchants.

Yoco Link: An online payment link that can be sent to customers through their channel of choice, including WhatsApp, SMS, email, invoices or even social media. The customer clicks on the link, enters their card details and pays. It really is that simple.

If you offer remote services, need to take a deposit before starting a job, sell products on social media, or waste time scanning your bank account for manual EFT bank transfers, this is for you. With this simple product, anyone can accept payments online without even needing a website.

Yoco invoices: Create and send your own personalized, professional and tax-compliant invoices for free. Each invoice includes a unique payment link, for convenient one-click settlement and instant recognition from the Yoco app.

Yoco Gateway: We’ve made it easy for Yoco merchants to get paid online by accepting payments on their websites. With Yoco Gateway, we integrated with all major eCommerce website builders including WooCommerce, Wix, Shopstar and Shopify.

  1. How do businesses benefit from using Yoco’s suite of online payment solutions?

Our products are easy to set up, easy to share, and make it easy to track and reconcile payments in the Yoco Business Portal.

The online world is often seen as daunting or out of reach, and it’s our team’s mission to demystify these solutions – and support all merchants as they start using online payments for the first time.

Our transaction fees are very affordable with low national rates of 3.4% to 2.95% (excluding VAT) and deducted once a month with no additional or hidden charges.

If you use a Yoco card machine, all transactions are combined and the more transactions you make, the less you pay.

Signing up is free and starts accepting online payments in less than five minutes.

Our free business tools (The Yoco App and Yoco Portal) provide sales reports, transaction details, and daily inventory and sales management. All payments can be tracked and reconciled in one convenient place.

  1. Where do people go to start their e-commerce journey?

They can register here.

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