Yatango Shopping website disappears as orders pile up

ONE of the nation’s largest online gadget stores has suddenly closed its doors, with orders of up to four months still pending for its shoppers.

EXCLUSIVE: One of the nation’s largest online gadget stores suddenly closed, leaving hordes of smartphone, tablet and camera shoppers with thousands of dollars out of pocket.

The sites of Shopping Yatango and its predecessor Mobility went completely blank last week, hiding lists of mobile devices, computers and accessories that companies were importing and selling in Australia.

The whiteout surprised customers, many of whom are still waiting for their tech orders to be filled, and is now flooding online review websites and social media with complaints.

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Orders from up to four months ago have reportedly not been fulfilled and the Yatango Shopping website has remained available even though many employees were laid off earlier this month.

One woman complained on Twitter that she could have “assembled a camera atom” within 78 days since ordering a $ 244 camera from the company, and another woman who has paid for a phone on Aug. 24 said she still hadn’t received it.

Sydneysider Tony, who asked that his last name not be released, said he paid Yatango Shopping $ 619 for a OnePlus 2 smartphone in late August, but got impatient when he didn’t. not received the device in mid-October.

Even after canceling the order at the end of October, Tony said he had not received a refund.

“I finally gave up and went to my bank,” he said.

“While I was waiting, Yatango fell silent. I took to Twitter and found others in the same boat.

Tony ultimately canceled the transaction through his credit card company.

Other Yatango Shopping customers, including a man who requested a refund for his daughter online, received refunds through PayPal after Yatango failed to respond to his emails.

The surprise shutdown comes months after related companies Yatango Holdings and Yatango Mobile filed for voluntary administration.

But Yatango Holdings administrator Jason Tang, a partner of Cor Cordis, said Yatango Shopping’s customers were “not legally creditors” because that particular company had not gone through administrative proceedings.

Yatango Mobile and Yatango Holdings owe other companies millions of dollars, including more than $ 200,000 to a mining company for a failed takeover bid in June, and more than $ 2 million to Optus Billing Services for resale of its mobile telephone service.

Directors issued a notice with ASIC on Friday to liquidate Yatango Holdings.

Yatango founder Andy Taylor did not respond to inquiries.

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