Why selling online is greener and safer than ever


Selling your favorite items online isn’t just good for the planet, it’s also good for you.

With growing concerns about the state of our environment, many of us are now looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly in our everyday lives.

Reselling items that you no longer want or need can be a good place to start to reduce waste. Not only does this help close the loop between buying a product and sending it to a landfill, but it can also encourage more people to buy used goods.

With the resale culture on the rise over the past few years, we’ve taken a look at how selling your favorite items online can drive more circularity in the shopping space. We also took a look at how selling online is easier with parcel services like Sendle, and why it’s now safer than ever, even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How is reselling online more environmentally friendly?

From fashion to tech products, most of us improve a lot of our goods every few years. Unfortunately, that means they end up with a much shorter lifespan.

Items that are still in good condition may be kept out of the landfill for resale. Remember the saying “one man’s garbage is another’s treasure”? Well, that is certainly true when it comes to selling online.

Marketplaces like eBay see people buying and selling just about anything you can think of, which means there’s almost certainly a buyer ready to buy your pre-loved products.

The increase in the number of readily available second-hand items is also expected to lead to an increase in the number of buyers purchasing second-hand items. For example, a buyer may search for a Nintendo Switch on eBay, only to find that they can purchase a used console for a fraction of the cost. Not only does the buyer and seller then benefit from the transaction, but the console also remains out of the landfill.

Nintendo Switch listings on eBay

The same goes for other items such as clothing. The fashion industry remains one of the biggest sources of pollution in the world, and keeping your clothes in good condition and reselling them when they don’t fit can have a pretty big impact.

It can also encourage you to buy less in the future, as cleaning your wardrobe can make you realize how many pieces you own and never wear. Many people took advantage of isolation during the coronavirus pandemic to start spring cleaning early. Selling these items makes more sense than just throwing them away, and it’s better for the planet too.

How to be more eco-responsible as a seller?

Selling online is a great way to extend the life of a product and prevent it from becoming waste. Follow these steps to further minimize your impact.

  • Be aware of the packaging. Wrapping your things in heaps of plastic is the fastest way to undo all the good you’ve just done. Opt for cardboard boxes or other recyclable packaging options when possible.
  • Send articles together. If a buyer purchases multiple items, save on packaging and offer to send everything in one box.
  • Be aware of the postal service. If you are selling through a buying platform, look for sites with green delivery options. For example, eBay offers sellers the option of sending their items through a courier service. Send, which offsets its carbon emissions and invests in positive environmental causes. Sendle also offers contactless pickup and delivery, making it a safe choice during the coronavirus pandemic.

How does reselling online benefit you?

It’s not just the environment that can benefit from reselling your unwanted items – you too. Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider a big spring cleaning this year:

  • It is a good way to make money. While throwing away or giving away old items may seem more convenient than selling them, it will mean missing out on an opportunity to make money. From clothes that are still in good shape to old video games and books, there are plenty of items you can have around the house that can sell for a lot more than you would expect. Platforms like eBay are full of buyers eager to grab second-hand items, so it’s worth looking around to see what you can sell.
  • It can make you a more conscious buyer (and save you money in the long run). When you invest the time in cleaning your cabinets, you will likely find a bunch of unused or unworn items. These products can tell you where to stop spending your money, especially if you find that you have multiple copies of the same product. For example, if you come across a pile of unworn tops, it’s probably a sign that you need to change your shopping habits. This could mean going to the store and trying on parts before making a purchase or taking an inventory of your clothes and figuring out which parts you actually have. need buy in the future.

Is it safe to sell online?

While it definitely pays to be vigilant when selling online, it is safe to do so as long as you list your items on a reputable platform.

Sites like eBay can give sellers additional peace of mind with seller protection programs. One of those strategies is eBay’s Guaranteed Delivery Offer, which sees your items shipped through the Sendle courier service.

Sellers who choose to use Guaranteed Delivery will see qualifying packages delivered to their buyers within two business days and be protected against delivery delays, with no impact on their seller’s performance in the event of a delay. If an item takes more than two days to be delivered, Sendle will also reimburse you for the delivery costs.

eBay also gives sellers additional protection against abusive buyers and against buyers who have purchased an item but did not pay. This means that the site will investigate all unfair comments from users or buyers who claim to have paid when they did not, and resolve the issue on your behalf.

Be aware that not all sales platforms offer this level of protection, so be sure to do your research before putting anything online.

The other key security issue for online sellers in 2020 is the coronavirus. However, it is possible to sell your goods while minimizing contact with others. EBay’s messaging partnership with Sendle, for example, makes it possible to pick up and deliver goods without requiring contact with the delivery driver.

If you are using a local pickup option, remember to maintain social distancing. You can ask the buyer to message you when they arrive and then take the goods back to their car to minimize contact.

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