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The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles continues to expand its online transaction offering and has now added the ability for accredited customers to establish an online payment plan contract.

The new option will allow more than 150 weekly clients to skip a trip to DMV, creating additional appointment opportunities for clients who require in-person service. Customers who owe charges because they haven’t insured their vehicles may be able to enter into a payment plan to pay the charges over time and keep driving.

In Virginia, to purchase license plates or register a vehicle (to receive stickers), customers must certify that their vehicle is covered by minimum insurance requirements or pay uninsured motor vehicle expenses.

When a client is cited for driving without vehicle insurance, their license is suspended until they comply with three requirements (file a financial liability insurance certificate, pay the reinstatement fee, and pay the non- compliance in advance or enter into a payment plan to pay the fee in monthly installments, which can also be paid online).

In order to avoid suspension of driving privileges, fees and other requirements, customers should ensure that there is no failure of insurance coverage for vehicles during their registration period. , and that they deactivate or return their license plates to DMV before canceling their insurance.

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