Vancouver business coach Eric Lee of Starfish Coaching launches online services

Eric Lee of Vancouver (604-720-6836) is launching online services for his Starfish Coaching (2019 est.), a coaching and business consulting firm that helps creative service-based businesses succeed. The award-winning designer and owner of several successful businesses uses his 25 years of experience to help his clients succeed.

Vancouver, Canada, Dec. 24 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Starfish Coaching is a business coaching and consulting firm (established in 2019) specializing in creative businesses. Led by Eric Lee, the goal of each session is to identify organizational inefficiencies and define an action plan for success, with the overall mission of realigning the business owner with their purpose! Although physically based in Vancouver and Phoenix, Lee is now launching remote online coaching sessions and services for anyone in North America and the English-speaking world.

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The company was inspired by Lee’s own background as a creative designer and serial entrepreneur. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Lee has never had a typical 9 to 5 job and understands the steps involved in establishing a profitable business. Today he is CEO and Design Director of the VictorEric Design Group, operates 3 other companies and has founded eight other companies in the past.

Having built his home design and interior design business from a single employee to a team of 55, Lee has real-world experience and knowledge of what it takes for a creative person to manage and grow. a company. This is a key distinguishing factor in his coaching, as he believes business owners should be taught by a peer who has both the knowledge and experience to succeed.

Starfish Coaching highlights Lee’s ongoing commitment to training fellow leaders to adopt a more effective mindset. He explains that there is always room for growth, and having a coach to facilitate learning and business improvements can have profound impacts on bottom line.

The Business Coaching Company is recommended for creative business owners who want to develop a measurable plan for success while staying true to their creative passions. Lee draws on his creative training as a home and interior designer with his systematic and linear thinking as a project manager to craft a personalized business coaching plan for each client.

Clients are encouraged to schedule a no-obligation discovery call with Lee.

Lee writes, “For my coaching process, I believe in a goal-oriented approach. I will assess where you are now and where you want to go. With this, we create an action plan of the next step to execute. You can either do it yourself or I can help you along the way.

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Contact information:
Name: Eric Lee
E-mail: Send an email
Organization: Starfish Coaching
Address: 15 E. 3rd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5T 1C5, Canada
Phone: +1-604-720-6836

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