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At its fifth annual Partner and Developer Conference, Square Inc. on Thursday announced three new tools for software developers: Snippets API for Square Online, Loyalty API, and the Web Payments SDK. The new tools come as ecommerce volume has exploded over the past year and big sellers account for a larger share of Square’s volume.

Snippets API, the first application programming interface for Square Online, enables developers to create online experiences designed to grab the attention of customers. The ability to enhance Square Online’s functionality through third-party apps topped software developers’ wish lists over the past year as e-commerce exploded due to the Covid-19 pandemic .

By combining the Snippets API with other Square APIs, developers can create new ways for sellers to engage customers, which Square believes should help increase conversion rates and build customer loyalty over the long haul. term.

An image of the Square Online user interface screen.

Developers can use the Snippets API to install apps directly to a seller’s site by adding code to a website’s header tags. For example, a restaurant can create a chatbot on its Square Online site which allows customers to ask questions about the menu.

“We’re also seeing developers creating new marketing tools in addition to Square Online,” a Square spokesperson said via email. “Social proof [for example] allows customers to see reviews, other sales, and activity on a Square Online site, generating trust and better sales for sellers.

Fomo, a marketing platform that posts customer interaction notifications on purchases, reviews, and live traffic, used the Snippets API to integrate with Square Online and reach more sellers online.

“We help our users build trust and urgency with potential buyers by showing that other customers are interacting with the online store in real time, just like the online equivalent of a busy store,” said Hideko Tachibana, managing director of Fomo, said in a statement. declaration. “Square Online sellers can easily integrate Fomo with just one click, without having to touch any code. “

Square’s Loyalty API and Web Payment SDK have been features frequently requested by Square’s partners, the developers who rely on Square’s platform, and the sellers they serve, Square said.

The Square Loyalty API allows developers to take advantage of Square Loyalty rewards programs across multiple sales channels. Web Payments SDK offers a customizable online payment experience compatible with any e-commerce site. Square’s SDK also supports multiple payment methods, including ACH bank payments, which Square says will be essential as it seeks to serve the biggest sellers.

All Square developers and partners interested in creating an online payments integration can use the Web Payment SDK, which is available in all Square service markets, the company says.

New software development tools have helped increase the number of active sellers using Square more than double every quarter since the start of 2020, according to the company. Square’s gross payment volume totaled $ 29.8 billion in the first quarter, up 21% from the same period last year and 35% from 2019, the company reported last week. . But the dollar share of small sellers in that pie has remained more or less constant over the past year at $ 11.6 billion, while merchants with at least $ 125,000 in annual volume have seen their share rise. at 61% against 54% a year ago.

“Our development platform plays a critical role in the growth of Square and in serving top sellers, which is one of Square’s fastest growing seller segments,” said Matthew O’Connor , developer platform manager and partner of Square, by email. “The bigger the merchant, the greater the need for personalization. Enabling more developers to create diverse solutions on our platform will become an increasingly important part of meeting these unique and diverse needs. “


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