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The Central Library falls under the portfolio of the Ministry of Education and is the headquarters of the Saint Lucia public library system. Its mission is “to provide quality library and information services to all citizens and to develop programs that will help them become independent users and lifelong learners”.

In recent years, the Central Library as well as several libraries around the island have seen improvements not only in their physical structures but also in their functioning. The Central Library acquired a computer room a few years ago and recently the library’s website has been developed to make it more interactive.

“We were able to equip the library with software to facilitate online cataloging,” said Joshua Vernor of the Department of Education’s ICT Unit. “What this means now is that users can access the website and search for a book. Once available, it will appear and indicate which library in Saint Lucia has that book available. If you’re a member, then you can reserve this book and pick it up, ”Vernor explained.

Library software, he said, also allows printing of membership cards.

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The Saint Lucia Public Library website also offers a number of resources for students, including past articles from Common Entrance, Common Middle, and CXC, as well as database search tools.

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