Robust online payment security features by Zaakpay

Security has become a major concern for online payment companies. With the increasing number of online payment security breaches, digital payments have become very complicated. Thus, strong security features are necessary to protect your online payment information.

Thanks to the security features, you will be able to take the security of your online payments to the next level. Zaakpay’s strong online payment security features are designed to prevent cyberattacks and ensure a safe and secure experience for customers. These features include a PCI DSS compliant SSL certificate, card authentication, and real-time payment monitoring. As a customer, you are guaranteed that your debit and credit card information will remain safe and when your payment goes through a third party, your data is fully protected.

What are some of the risks associated with paying online?

With the advancement and popularity of digital payments, the reliance on online payment security has increased. Unfortunately, many of these digital payment mechanisms are not yet secure, which can lead to various risks now and in the future. Various risks can arise when using digital currency, including service interruptions, account compromise, data corruption, identity theft, or fraud. Therefore, it is important to protect your customers and your company’s payments against such threats to avoid any loss of money or crucial data.

What is online payment security?

Online Payment Security is a platform solution that allows you to protect your business from cyberthieves and fraudsters throughout the payment process. It helps improve customer experience with smooth transactions, fast response time and lower operating costs.

How does online payment security work?

Online payment security includes three main features: private key encryption, public key encryption and tokenization. Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive financial information with a unique substitute, for example, a non-financial identifier such as a temporary email address or account number. Tokenization-enabled payment gateways are available at a reasonable cost to merchants. Zaakpay is a well-known name among gateway services that use techniques like tokenization to ensure maximum security. The goal of these advancements is to provide better protection against fraud and hacking.

Robust online payment security features by Zaakpay

The security of online payments has become very important nowadays. Therefore, it is a concern for online businesses and their customers to manage the security challenges posed by new internet technologies and the growing number of frauds. Zaakpay provides advanced anti-fraud measures and strong customer protection.

Here are Zaakpay’s robust online payment security features:

  • : Identifying fraudulent activity and preventing it before it happens is the first step to a good payment gateway. As the regulatory landscape is constantly changing, it can be difficult for businesses to keep up. However, there are ways to improve your chances of avoiding this plague. By implementing an advanced fraud detection system, such as Zaakpay, the business can reduce its risk of losing huge sums of money in payment transactions. This technology is designed to detect suspicious activity by leveraging advanced patterns.

  • : The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of regulations and criteria designed to secure sensitive cardholder, credit and transaction data and make measures more widely adopted. standardized data security. The standard establishes a set of technological and operational standards for the protection of financial information. PCI DSS is designed to protect sensitive cardholder information and authentication data wherever it is processed, stored, or transmitted.

  • : Payments initiated and settled almost instantly are called real-time payments (RTP). Zaakpay’s real-time payment networks are conveniently accessible 24*7*365, which means they are always available to execute transactions. Weekends and holidays are included.

  • : In addition to encrypting sensitive data, you should also implement two-factor authentication. If you receive spam, you can prevent it by encrypting your data using SSL. This way you will be able to stop hackers and protect your business. Zaakpay’s online payment system uses two-factor authentication, CVVs and OTPs, and the ability for customers to add their cards to a hotlist in the event of a suspicious transaction. All of these initiatives and features go a long way in protecting B2B businesses from fraudulent transactions.


As online transactions increase on the internet, having a robust payment security policy is a must for any online business. The security features provided by Zaakpay are an essential tool for businesses to keep their customers safe. With its low rates and feature-rich payment links, Zaakpay is a smart choice for businesses in the digital age. To survive in this competitive market, you need to keep up with the latest trends in online payment security. Additionally, a reputable payment gateway will offer additional services that improve your overall business performance. In other words, using the right online payment gateway is essential to protecting your business.

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Posted: Monday, January 24, 2022, 10:52 p.m. IST

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