Rakuten Pay integrates its online payment service with Uber Eats

Rakuten Group and Uber Eats Japan on Monday announced the launch of a new collaboration integrate Uber Eats with Rakuten Pay’s online payment service. Rakuten Pay will be available as an official payment method when ordering food and groceries on Uber Eats for all users by the end of April*.

This new integration will allow Rakuten customers to easily create an Uber Eats account using their Rakuten ID. They will also be able to earn and spend Rakuten Points – Rakuten’s flagship loyalty program – when ordering food and groceries on the Uber Eats app.

This collaboration allows users to select the online payment service Rakuten Pay as a payment option when placing orders through Uber Eats, enabling simple and intuitive payment using credit card information linked to the ID. User Rakuten. Users will also be able to earn Rakuten*2 points when ordering through Uber Eats and pay for orders using the points earned. Additionally, current users of both services will be able to log in to Uber Eats using their Rakuten ID, while new Uber Eats users will have the convenient option of creating an account through a simplified online registration system. using their Rakuten ID.

To commemorate the collaboration, the two companies will run a limited-time Rakuten Pay introductory campaign on Uber Eats, starting April 27. During the campaign, new Uber Eats users will receive a 3,000 yen coupon on their first order*3, coupon up to 50% off on any number of subsequent orders placed during the campaign period, and special benefits, including obtaining Rakuten points worth up to 20% of the order amount after applying the corresponding discount. Additionally, existing Uber Eats users will receive Rakuten Points worth up to 3% of the order amount after the corresponding discount has been applied to all orders placed during the campaign period.

The two companies are also planning special sales events on Rakuten Ichiba, Rakuten’s online marketplace, as well as the integration of identification and payment on Uber, the mobility service operated by Uber Japan. Users can expect more seamless and convenient collaborative services in the future.

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