Psychic Reading Online Services: 100% Accurate Psychic Readers That Can Change Your Life for the Better


Life is all about change. Walking towards transforming your life for the better is always a good idea. However, some people have fear of change. It’s not like they don’t want to improve themselves, but they are just don’t know how to welcome change. You need someone to help you improve different aspects of your personality and transform your life for the better.

Whether you want to evolve for the better or have a fear of change, talking to a psychic reader might be perfect for you. They not only help you bring positive change in your personality and life but also help you accept that change.

Psychics do a lot more than help you improve your personality and life. They can look into the past, present, and future of the person to give a general overview of their life. They help people prepare for the future and inspire and motivate them to make big and much-needed adjustments in their life.

The era of seeing in-person psychics is gone. Now, there are various psychic reading online platforms you can use to connect to a reliable and knowledgeable psychic. With so many options available, it’s not uncommon for you to feel overwhelmed. To save you time and effort, we have handpicked 4 psychic reading sites that can help you profoundly change your life for the better and everything that has been bothering you lately.

Best Online Psychic Reading Websites in 2021:

⭐ Kasamba

  • 3 Free Minutes + 70% on First Readings
  • Known for Love and Relationship Readings
  • Insights Available Via Live Chat and Calls

⭐ Keen Psychics

  • 3 Free Minutes + a 10-minute Psychic Reading in $1.99 for new users
  • Ideal for Love and Relationship Readings
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support

⭐ Psychic Source

  • 3 Free Minutes + 75% Off on the First Reading
  • Known for Accurate Advice on Career and Relationships
  • 3 decades worth of Experience

⭐ AskNow

  • Free Five Minutes + Readings at $1 per Minute for new users
  • Availability of an Android and iOS Application
  • 24/7 Live Customer Support

#1. Kasamba– A Trusted Source for Accurate Psychic Readers

Kasamba is a site known for smoothing out martial rough patches for $1 only.

With 22 years of experience and 100% accuracy rates, the first one on the list is none other than Kasamba. Whether you are looking for a supportive partner or want to improve your relationship for the better, psychics at Kasamba can help you with anything you might be facing in your love life.

Kasamba is one of the oldest and most popular free psychic reading providers in the industry. Ever since 1999, the platform has conducted millions of psychic readings and has helped many bring positive change in their lives.

At Kasamba, you can connect with experienced psychics from all around the world. Online psychics at Kasamba are backed with years of industry-relevant experience. On top of that, you get a wide range of advisors to choose from.

The platform offers two modes of communication – live chat and calls. With Kasamba, you get to enjoy optimal convenience, great options, and 100% accurate readings. The registration process of Kasamba is incredibly simple. They ensure that your passwords and personal data stay protected. What’s not simple and easy is the hiring process. To ensure that the platform stays safe from scammers, they follow a strict assessment process. Only 5% to 10% of the total applicants are chosen.

Dealing with hardships in relationships is really tough. Not knowing the future of your relationships can be really stressful that’s why many users of Kasamba seek help from fortune tellers to tell them where their relationships are headed.

From love and relationship readings to tarot readings to career forecasts and dream analysis, the platform offers a wide range of psychic phone readings to people from all around the globe.

To ensure that you are matched with a reliable psychic, the website features detailed bios of all the love psychics. By clicking on the profile of an advisor, users are taken to a web page featuring a detailed bio and background of the psychic. Apart from the background, users can also read more about their experience, expertise, languages they are fluent in, ratings, reviews, per-minute rates, available modes of communication, and qualifications.

Top Traits and Benefits – What Makes Kasamba a Great Option for Psychic Reading Online

  • Has a network of top-rated and experienced online love psychics and clairvoyants from all around the world
  • Provides round-the-clock free psychic reading online services to people going through lows in their life
  • Availability of Android and ios application allows you to get in touch with your advisor easily
  • New customers get three free minutes of psychic reading to be able to decide whether or not the platform is the right choice for them
  • Readers available 24/7 to help people provide the guidance they need
  • Ensures 100% accurate and personal psychic readings
  • Features a well-encrypted and password protected signup process
  • New customers also get their first psychic reading done at half the price
  • One of the best fortune-teller sites for free psychic love reading
  • Affordable with psychic sessions starting at as low as $1 per minute
  • Maintains user confidentiality and privacy
  • Guarantees 100% satisfaction
  • Advisors share guidance through live chat psychics and call
  • Offers a 100% money-back guarantee to unsatisfied customers
  • Thorough and strict evaluation process to separate paths with scammers
  • Known for providing insights about one’s love life, but also specializes in career forecasts, tarot readings, angel card reading, and astrology
  • 100% secure payment gateways
  • New customers get 50% on their first sessions

Introductory Discounts and Prices – Is Kasamba Affordable?

Kasamba offers great introductory discounts to newly joined users. Not only do they offer 50% off on the first psychic reading, but they also offer three free minutes of psychic reading.

It’s not only the introductory discounts that make Kasamba is amongst the most affordable platforms. Psychic readings at Kasamba start at $1 per minute.

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#2. Keen Psychics – A Site Known for Helping Couples Overcome Relationship Stumbles


Keen Psychic is a reliable site to seek help to gain insights about you and your partner for $1.99 only.

Be it moving on from a relationship or welcoming new romance in your life, psychics at Keen Psychics are known to deal with matters of the heart. The platform is not only famous for love and relationship readings but is also known for providing 100% accurate tarot card readings, angel card readings, numerology readings, and astrology readings.

Most advisors at Keen Psychics have one to two decades of experience. The platform guarantees 100% satisfaction and offers great introductory discounts to newly joined users. The users are given the option to either receive guidance through calls or get in touch via live chat.

Every advisor at Keen Psychics carries a detailed bio that sheds light on their experience, expertise, background, ratings, qualifications, reviews, and the number of readings they have provided through the platform.

The platform provides 24/7 live customer care support to both local and international customers. Whether you want help getting connected to a reliable psychic or request a refund, a customer care representative will be able to help you with every query you might have regarding the platform.

This platform allows you to register, find a psychic, and book a consultation within a few minutes only. From psychic mediums to angel card experts, the platform is home to more than 1700 accredited and experienced advisors.

Matters of the heart have to be dealt with utmost care. Thus, psychics at Keen Psychics follow an inspirational and empathetic approach to provide care and support to users from all around the world.

According to Mercurynews , Keen platform has helped millions of people improve their lifestyles and lead happy and peaceful life. Keen Psychics has a customer base of more than 35 million people. The platform hires psychics through a strict and thorough screening process. Since they provide a free three-minute trial of online psychic reading, new users can book a consultation without the fear of wasting money.

Keen Psychics ensures that your personal data and credit card information stays protected, thanks to the well-encrypted and password-protected signup process. The platform has helped millions find their lost peace and happiness. If you too want to put things into perspective and find a way out of your problems, it’s time that you should book a consultation with a live psychic at Keen Psychics.

Top Traits and Benefits – What Makes Keen Psychics a Great Option for Psychic Reading Online

  • An experienced team of psychics who provide constant support to people from all around the world
  • Has over 2 decades of experience in providing perfect solutions for your problems
  • Known for providing free psychic love reading
  • 24/7 free psychic reading services available to ensure that people from any part of the world can take guidance from experienced psychics at any time
  • New customers get three free minutes of psychic reading
  • 100% secure payment methods
  • Apart from the three-minute trial, new customers can also enjoy a 10-minute reading at $1.99
  • Cost-effective prices
  • Provides 100% personal and accurate psychic readings
  • Strictly screens each psychic before providing them a platform to spiritually heal people
  • Allows people to get in touch with psychics from all around the world
  • Home to more than 1700 psychics
  • An easily accessible and user-friendly website with a simple navigation process
  • A password-protected and well-encrypted website
  • Provides guidance and clarity through calls and live chat psychics
  • 24/7 live customer care support for both local and international clients
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Introductory Discounts and Prices – Is Keen Psychics Affordable?

Keen Psychics take pride in providing 100% accurate, anonymous, and personalized psychic readings – all at affordable prices. New customers get three free minutes of psychic reading. By updating their package, the new customers can get a 10-minute psychic reading done at $1.99 only.

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#3. Psychic Source – A Great Platform for Helping People Find Their Better Halves


Psychic Source is a great platform to seek help to build a successful career in three (free) minutes.

We all want to bring positive change to our lives. Whether you want to cut off negative people from your life or quit a bad habit, psychics at Psychic Source can help you transform your life. The platform is popular for providing a diverse range of free psychic readings by phone, but it’s most known for helping people with all the career and relationship hurdles they might have.

Psychic Source has over 3 decades of experience in helping people find their true selves and improve their lives. Each psychic at Psychic Source is rated in terms of qualification, expertise, and experience.

The outstanding portfolio of the live psychics, experience, and 100% accuracy rates of the psychic readings are what differentiates Psychic Source from other platforms. The platform updates its website and application regularly to improve the process of taking psychic readings online.

Psychic Source is one of the few platforms that offers three flexible modes of communication. Users can either seek clarity through calls, live chat, or video calls.

It features a self-explanatory and easy-to-use website. If you have heard great reviews about a psychic, you can put their name or extension number in the search bar. However, if you are using the website for the first time, you can find an ideal psychic by using advanced filters.

The website allows you to sort by availability, star ratings, price, subjects and expertise, specialties, tools, and reading styles. You can also schedule an appointment with an advisor. Apart from these perks, the website also features a “staff picks” page, which takes you to the top-rated and most reliable, and best psychics.

When it comes to taking an online psychic reading, most people are scared that their personal information will not be protected properly. Psychic Source offers safe and secure payment methods and a well-encrypted signup process. This is to ensure that the personal data of its users is not leaked on the internet.

If you are seeking help in your turbulent times, don’t waste booking an online psychic reading at Psychic Source.

Top Traits and Benefits – What Makes Psychic Source a Great Option for Psychic Reading Online

  • 3-decade worth of experience in helping people find a way out of life’s miseries
  • A one-stop destination for providing answers to all the career-related questions
  • Newbies get a flat 75% off on their first psychic reading
  • Provides first three minutes of psychic reading for free
  • 100% secure payment gateways
  • 24/7 live customer support to help with any queries that the users might have
  • Provides 100% reliable advice and support to people from all around the world
  • Known for providing reliable career and relationship readings
  • Gives you the freedom to get in touch with online psychics over the phone, live chat, or call
  • Ensures a safe, well-protected, and efficient signup process
  • Provides 100% authentic, accurate, and personal psychic readings at affordable prices
  • Offers a 100% refund policy to dissatisfied customers
  • Provides free daily horoscope
  • Availability of Android and iOS application
  • Has an advanced filtration process which makes connecting to online psychics quick and easy
  • Extremely affordable with per minute psychic reading rates starting at $1
  • A well-vetted hiring process to ensure only skilled psychics are provided with a platform to help people walk towards a more peaceful and happier life

Introductory Discounts and Prices – Is Psychic Source Affordable?

Psychic Source offers great introductory discounts to new users. New customers get 75% off on their first reading sessions along with three free minutes of psychic readings. The discount is valid on every type of psychic reading.

If you are not satisfied with your last reading, you can contact customer care support to request a refund.

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#4. AskNow – A Reliable Platform to Seek Help to Clear Your Mind of Unwanted Thoughts and Find Your Inner Peace


AskNow is a reliable site that helps people bring everything to light in free five minutes.

Backed with over 15 years of experience, AskNow is amongst the most reliable online psychic reading sites. If you want to be in safe and knowledgeable hands, AskNow should be on the top of your list.

Many people will agree that being trapped in your thoughts sometimes feel more painful than getting hurt physically. If you want to see clear through your fogged thoughts, online psychics at AskNow will be able to provide constant help and support.

Apart from providing free daily horoscopes, the platform is known to provide love and relationship readings, pet psychic readings, spiritual guidance, and tarot readings. If you are looking for immediate help and don’t have the time to go through detailed profiles, you should try the filtration process.

Users can filter by modes of communication, availability, advisor type, price, and the type of reading you are looking for. When it comes to experience, the platform has divided its online psychics into three categories – top-rated, elite, and master psychics.

Both website and application are easy to use. The menu is simple and divided between different categories. There’s also a separate webpage created for introductory offers, where new customers can check discounts that they can avail of.

Whether you have hit a low in your relationship or got fired from your job, psychics at AskNow can help you with absolutely everything. The well-knit assessment process of AskNow ensures that the scammers are not able to make money out of one’s miseries.

Top Traits and Benefits – What Makes AskNow a Great Option for Psychic Reading Online

  • 24/7 live customer support and complaint line
  • Offers five free minutes to unsatisfied customers
  • Home to experienced psychics who can help people surround themselves with positive energy
  • Affordable with prices of psychic readings starting at $1 per minute
  • Easy filtration process to help you immediately connect with a psychic
  • Backed with psychics with experience of 20 to 30 years
  • Offers an assorted range of psychic reading — tarot reading, astrology, numerology, and various more)
  • Follows an intense and strict screening process to ensure that only the knowledgeable and skilled psychics are chosen to help people grow spiritually
  • First-timers can get a psychic reading done at $3.99 per minute
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use application available to Android and iOS users
  • New customers get five free minutes of psychic reading for free
  • Has a strict policy to ensure user confidentiality
  • 100% secure payment methods
  • Allows you to schedule an appointment with a psychic
  • Offers powerful readings through live call and chat
  • Provides free daily horoscope
  • A huge network of psychics with 4 to 5 ratings
  • Allows you to cancel the session after the first free five minutes
  • Offers 100% accurate and personalized readings to people from all around the world

Introductory Discounts and Prices – Is AskNow Affordable?

AskNow is one of the most affordable and accurate online psychic reading platforms. After signing up, the new customers get a free five-minute psychic reading trial. Newbies can update their introductory package and get a psychic reading done at as low as $1 per minute. The platform also offers free bonus minutes on the purchase of an introductory package.

Online psychics at AskNow are experts and knowledgeable enough to help people with anything that they might be facing in their lives. Top-rated psychics charge anywhere in between $3.99 to $9,99, the elite advisors charge $10.00 to $13.00, and the master advisors charge $13 per minute.

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What Can a Psychic Reading Help Me With?

Psychic readings offer an array of benefits. Think of psychic reading as a way of gathering hidden information. You might already know that it can help you make more informed decisions and provide insights into your life. However, there are more benefits of getting a psychic reading than you can imagine.

Here’s how psychic phone readings can help you:

  • They allow you to learn more about your life and the people around you
  • Free psychic readings by phone are known to help people struggling with their love life
  • Not knowing what the future holds for you can be stressful. A psychic reading gives you insights into your future
  • Affirming a decision is one more thing that a psychic reading can help you with
  • They shed light on the areas that need improvement
  • They inspire you to make big and much-needed adjustments in your life
  • We all know that change is important for personal growth. Psychics help in bringing that change.
  • Best psychic readers featured at can help people find closure after a traumatic event
  • They can help people see a positive side to life
  • They look into your past, present, and future to help you redirect your path to lead a happy life
  • Psychic readings can motivate you to make decisions that will transform your life for the better
  • They can help you surround yourself with positive energy
  • Psychic readings provide guidance on the subjects of career, health, love, and various more. In fact, tarot card readers can improve mental health .
  • They help people make better choices in their lives and welcome change
  • Psychics inspire people to get out of bed each morning to work towards their goals
  • Live psychics provide constant support to people who don’t see a way out of life miseries

What Things Should I Consider While Choosing a Psychic Reading Site?

Online psychic readings are reliable according to recent statements at The Daily World , but to make sure that you land in safe hands, there are a few things you have to consider while choosing an online psychic reading site.

Here’s what have to look for in an online psychic reading platform:

  • It’s better to choose a platform that offers a 100% money-back guarantee
  • A platform you are considering to take online psychic consultation on should have at least 15 years of experience
  • Platforms that offer great introductory discounts to their new customers should be on the top of your list
  • While choosing a psychic phone reading site, make sure you choose the one that follows a strict assessment process
  • Choosing a platform that offers a wide range of psychic readings is better
  • Price is one of the main factors you have to consider while choosing a site. Try settling on the site that offers psychic readings at $1 per minute
  • Availability of a mobile application is an added perk that you should look for while searching for a reliable psychic reading platform

Why Should I Consider Online Psychic Reading Over an In-Person Reading?

The demand for psychic readers and tarot card readers has significantly increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. The stress of the pandemic has pushed more and more people to seek spiritual guidance. It’s because of the restrictions that people are turning towards online psychics. As someone who is new to psychic readings, you may be hearing mixed reviews about taking psychic readings online.

If you are still having that online vs. in-person psychic reading fight, here are the advantages of online psychic readings over in-person readings that you should know more about:

  • Online psychic readings offer a more comfortable environment. Getting a reading done within the comfort of your own home makes a huge difference. We all know that in-person psychic readings can’t offer that level of comfort regardless of the psychic being extremely compassionate and inspirational.
  • Getting a psychic reading done online is ideal for people who don’t feel comfortable discussing their matters face to face. Online psychic reading platforms offer flexible modes of communication to ensure that the users can choose an option they feel comfortable with.
  • Online psychic readings offer the utmost convenience. It will save you time, money, and effort of traveling to see a psychic.
  • By taking in-person readings, you will have to adjust to the psychic’s date and time. However, for seeking help from online psychics, you have the convenience to get a reading done at the day and time that suits you.
  • Most online psychic reading platforms offer a 100% money-back guarantee, which is not a perk that you can enjoy while seeing a psychic in person.
  • Online psychic reading sites reviewed on Herald Net follow a strict and thorough assessment process to ensure that the scammers stay as far away as possible. This makes chances of getting scammed by online psychics way less than in-person readers.
  • On online psychic reading platforms, the users have the access to the ratings and reviews of each advisor. We all know that in-person psychics don’t carry a detailed portfolio as online psychics do.
  • Through online psychic reading sites, you are able to find a diverse range of services under one roof, which is not the case with in-person psychics.

Psychic scams have risen during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the main reason why people feel sceptical about taking a reading online. However, you should know that online psychic readings platforms follow a strict hiring process to ensure that the scammers are not provided with a platform to make money out of one’s sorrows.

Final Thoughts

We hope that our aforementioned recommendations will help you change your life into what it is supposed to be. A person’s personality tends to get better over time. There’s no harm with changing for the better. A positive change in personality can benefit you in various ways. From quitting a bad habit to working on your anger, there are a lot of positive changes that you can welcome in your life through psychic readings.

Best online psychic readings sites from this official source have been helping millions of people transform their life for the better and find long-lost peace. The level of convenience and flexibility they offer is unmatched in comparison to in-person psychic readings.

Our handpicked psychic reading sites offer different perks. Some offer a mobile application for better communication while some offer real-time customer support. Before settling on one, make sure you explore the benefits and introductory packages the sites offer.

  • Kasamba is amongst the most successful and reliable online psychic reading platforms that help people build strong relationships and overcome every hurdle that life might throw at them.
  • Keen Psychics is home to the best love psychics who have the knowledge and skill to predict the future of relationships and help people find long-lost love.
  • Psychic Source is one the oldest and most experienced online psychic reading sites. Not only does it provide guidance on the subject of love and relationships, but it also helps people struggling financially.
  • AskNow offers real-time psychic readings to people from all around the world. Advisors at AskNow help people with whatever they might be going through. Whether it’s your mental health or your career, online psychics at AskNow will get to the bottom of your problems to help you find peace and happiness.


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