Phillips Presents Sweet Jane in Fields of Daisies: A Special Online Sales Exhibit…

Lucia Love, gigantic
Courtesy of Phillips

Phillips presents Sweet Jane in the Daisy Fields: A Special Online Sales Exhibition Celebrating Emerging Female Artists

Organized by Joan Tucker

Live on September 7-28, 2021

NEW YORK/HONG KONG/LONDON – SEPTEMBER 7, 2021 – Phillips is pleased to present a unique virtual multi-artist sales exhibition, Sweet Jane in the Daisy Fields, dedicated to an exciting group of culturally diverse female artists whose works serve as a visual commentary on 21st century society. Carefully curated by Joan Tucker, the exhibition features 19 artists and will be live seven September – September 28 to

The inspiration for this intriguing track comes from the iconic Velvet Underground song, Sweet Jane, and a work by poet and artist John Giorno. The spark to combine the two into a single metaphorical title, Sweet Jane in the Daisy Fields, came after listening to artist Lucia Love talk about her works and her practice in a live interview. Love constructs striking portraits and scenes from a symbolic world of ambiguity and humor. These scenes are coded with political symbolism and a feminist ethic to touch our current reality. the painting of Lucia Love, Gigantic, pictured above, will be featured in the exhibition.

Jocelyn Hobbie, head scarf, blue background
Courtesy of Phillips

The 19 works in the exhibition explore themes such as personal experience, identity, gender and cultural histories. The idea behind Lucia Love’s job Gigantic was to portray an effortless force that relates to collective potential, and also to explore how this value is falsely linked to an idealized masculinity, regardless of the author. Artist Hiejin Yoo is inspired by the daily observations recorded in his diary. Mundane events become large semi-figurative oil paintings on canvas. Abstract color planes and richly layered markings evoke the subjectivity of a woman’s complex inner life. Her paintings give shape and form to the full range of her personal emotions, acting as diaries and meditations on self-discovery. A key figure in the Spanish feminist art scene, At Angeles Agrela female portraits are characterized by cascading masses of hair that often hide the subject’s face. Highlighting issues of beauty, artifice and erasure, they are a feminine representation distinct from the feminine in contemporary society. Technicolor braids in bright blue, pink, or russet tones are braided into “veils,” reminiscent of the symbolic meaning of hair for women in many cultures. Ania Hobson is unafraid to capture the detail of contemporary British life, never shy of the reality of the people and places she sees around her, right down to the yellow lacing of a pair of Doc Marten boots. Relaxed and straightforward, her work is imbued with the signs of the times, articulating a post-modern vibe through her skillful and personal translation of classic oil painting techniques. Her ode to the millennial woman, ‘A portrait of two female painters’ won him the prestigious Young Artist Award at the National Portrait Gallery in London in 2018.

Elana Bowsher, Nude II (Tondo series)
Courtesy of Phillips

Jonathan Crockett, President, Asia, Phillips, said: “To continue Phillips’ significant recent developments in the digital space and to deepen our legacy as a precursor to emerging talent, we are proud to offer this one-of-a-kind virtual sales exhibition to enthusiasts. art from around the world. world. The female artists represented in the exhibition are among the rising stars of the contemporary art world at the dawn of significant international visibility and notoriety. Their multiple unfolding stories provide our audience with varied and thought-provoking experiences, highlighting shared societal themes in contemporary life. We look forward to sharing these works with our global community of collectors and art lovers at

PHILLIPS X is a dynamic exhibition platform at the forefront of contemporary art, design and culture. Through ongoing curated programming and immersive exhibitions, coupled with superior private sales, PHILLIPS X goes above and beyond to showcase the work of notable artists and innovators of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Highlighted images are the work of Lucia Love (High), Samantha Rosenwald, Elana Bowsher, Emma Webster, Inka Eissenhigh, Jocelyn Hobbie and Brittney Leeanne Williams, illustrated below. For more works on display, please visit

A full list of artists included in the sale is as follows:

Angeles Agrela

Elana Bowsher

Inka Essenhigh

Marcela Florido

Emily Fourr

Jocelyn Hobbie

Ania Hobson

Lucia Love

Karyn Lyons

Aks Misyuta

Samantha Rosenwald

Serena Stevens

Nadia Wahid

Zipper Wang

Sarah Webber

Emma Webster

Brittney Leeanne Williams

Anna Valdez

Hiejin Yoo

About the curator:

Collector and advisor, Joan Tucker, originally from Los Angeles, is currently based in Hong Kong and Berlin. She is an expert in contemporary and emerging art of the highest order and has an impressive private collection made up of both. Joan has held various positions in the art world and is now an active champion of emerging talent. His support and support helps many up-and-coming artists rise. She holds a BFA and a law degree. Follow her on Instagram @tuckerjoan

Images featured in this release can be downloaded here, with appropriate credit. For any other images, please contact the Phillips press team.



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PHILLIPS X is a dynamic exhibition platform at the forefront of contemporary art, design and culture. Through ongoing curated programming and immersive exhibitions, coupled with superior private sales, PHILLIPS X goes above and beyond to showcase the work of notable artists and innovators of the 20th and 21st centuries.


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