Online payment for e-visa on arrival available for 26 countries

Visitors to Indonesia can now apply for and pay for an electronic visa on arrival (e-VoA) through a government website.

The process is available for 26 nationalities at the launch of the new system and for those who arrive in one or the other Bali or Jakarta. These countries are:

  1. Australia
  2. South Africa
  3. United States
  4. Saudi Arabia
  5. Argentina
  6. Netherlands
  7. Belgium
  8. Brazil
  9. Denmark
  10. India
  11. The United Kingdom
  12. Italy
  13. Japan
  14. Germany
  15. Canada
  16. South Korea
  17. Mexico
  18. France
  19. Russia
  20. New Zealand
  21. Spain
  22. Swiss
  23. East Timor
  24. China
  25. Turkey
  26. Ukraine

On November 3, the Acting General Directorate of Immigration, Widodo Ekatjahjana, said:e-VoA was launched today. Its first user will arrive in Indonesia on Friday, November 4 from Hong Kong.

The e-VoA was an advanced instruction from the President of Indonesia regarding immigration services, specifically the provision of VoA service and investor visa, as well as support for the G-20 Summit.

“We were going to have a try in our system today. It was going to be officially launched by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Investment,” Widodo Ekatjahjana said.

Why is e-VoA important?

Long queues have been reported for some time at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport as many commercial planes arrive at the same time.

Manual payment was causing crowds of visitors to bottleneck the airport. With e-VoA, people can now pay for their visas more easily using their mobile phones with their credit cards or other digital payments.

Thus, all foreigners only needed to have their passport stamped once they got off the plane.said Widodo Ekatjahjana.

It was believed that by using this convenient way, more tourists would be attracted to come to Indonesia. It is hoped that those planning to visit other countries in the region such as Singapore, Malaysia or Thailand can change their plans and visit Indonesia now that the visa process is simplified.

The offline VoA meter will still be in the airport to anticipate electrical errors, if any, as well as service arrivals from countries not yet eligible for the online process

Those vacationing in Singapore could immediately pay for e-VoA by swiping through the app. Then they could enter Indonesia,said Widodo Ekatjahjana.

Contribution of visas to non-tax revenue

Non-tax revenue from immigration in 2022 broke new records. Revenue from visitor visas reached 500 billion rupees in October 2022 and 3.5 trillion rupees between January and October 30, 2022.

The exact number of non-tax revenue in January-October 2022 was Rs 3,504,750,787,551. Of this amount, the largest income came from visas, which amounted to R1.5 trillion and passport manufacturing of R1 trillion.

“We have continued to encourage work on various immigration policies and facilities such as Immigration on Navigation (IoS), VoA on Navigation and e-VoA,” explained Widodo Ekatjahjana.

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