Nagad enables online payment of land service fees

Nagad, a mobile financial service, enabled customers to pay land-related service fees online.

This service is available to customers online and through the “Nagad” app. Through Nagad’s bill payment option, users can pay land development charges, e-transfer and electronic duty bill registrations, a press release said Tuesday, March 1.

According to the press release, customers are advised to obtain the token or reference number from the land’s website. 16122 land call center or the land app by following the on-screen instructions.

Additionally, the Ministry of Lands website also offers an option to accept payment through Nagad. This service has been available since September 8, 2021.

Recipients of the online bill payment service will receive a receipt after acquiring the service. Payment received via Nagad will be forwarded to the Treasury via e-challan. This procedure is carried out through the settlement bank, using the designated bank account of the Department of Lands.

However, customers who pay land fees online will be listed in favor of their property. This method is similar to paying electricity, water or gas bills through a mobile wallet. Additionally, paying land royalties online is seamless, eliminating the temptation to claim the property as one’s own by meddling in paying the bill through another person.

In this regard, Sheikh Aminur Rahman, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Nagad, said, “Our goal is to bring digital services to customers’ doorsteps. We have simplified this payment process on ‘Nagad’ digital service as much as possible. so that our clients are not hassled when paying land royalties. This allows clients to pay their taxes in seconds. In addition, the taxpayer no longer has to physically go to the land office for this purpose.

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