More brands added to TikTok’s online UK fresh produce platform

TikTok has partnered with UK brands to sell food products to foodies across the UK. TikTok announced it would be selling food online in the UK earlier this month. It comes as a surprise to many viewers and creators who never thought of launching such an online store on TikTok in the UK.

Order fresh food online with TikTok in the UK

TikTok is not going to make foodies wait. You can start placing UK food orders today. Tiktok, a social media app, allows users to order food instantly, and you don’t need to visit any website or use any food ordering app.

List of Brands Revealed by TikTok – Update

Image source: Newsroom Tiktok UK

TikTok has even revealed some brands that will immediately sell fresh food on its platform. Pasta Evangelists is one of the brands that is gaining popularity. As Pasta Evangelists is one of the top sellers on TikTok, it is gaining popularity.

Many other popular retailers and brands will soon start selling food on TikTok. Some other popular brands that have started selling on TikTok are The Veg Box Company and The Fish Company. By Ruby and Exalt have also made their debut on TikTok.

Interesting addition by TikTok

This new fresh food sale addition is an exciting addition from TikTok. The TikTok team and brands expect it to be a huge hit.

Patrick Nommensen, senior director of e-commerce operations at TikTok, said: “TikTok has made it easier than ever to discover food brands and creators, and we have an active community of food lovers on the platform. form. Allowing brands and fresh produce creators to sell directly to our community through a seamless transaction on TikTok Shop is a logical next step. There will also be a huge opportunity for new food brands looking for a stepping stone to market, and I’m excited to see more fresh produce available on the platform.

Pasta Evangelists co-founder and CMO Finn Lagun said, “We were the first to innovate bringing fresh, artisan pasta to people at home, and now we’re going to be one of the first brands in fresh food in the UK to be sold via TikTok. . It’s an exciting opportunity to change the face of modern retail, while providing people with delicious, fresh pasta. »

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Reason for starting food ordering service

Food content is very popular on TikTok. According to a report, food content on TikTok has 26 billion views. The popularity of food content created by chefs and influencers is trending on TikTok. Some of the viral food trends on TikTok have made history on their own.

It also brings benefits for brands and creators. Brands and creators can create great content collaboratively and also use the live events option to offer discounts. It will be fascinating to wait and see how the promotion plays out through live events. Live events by brands have already started happening. This will make ordering food famous on Tiktok.

TikTok is dramatically changing the world of video content by launching a live food ordering service. The success of this will determine whether ordering food online will become a popular concept in the future.

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