Michelin’s new consumer platform, towards online sales?

The Michelin Group is rolling out a new digital platform for all of its global websites. According to a press release, does the platform’s stated goal to “simplify and improve online tire shopping” mean that online sales are just around the corner?

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While the tire maker won’t say the new global web platform will enable e-commerce, recent acquisitions of online retailers and this verbiage suggest the direction the tire maker could be heading.

The new platform will feature an open search engine allowing customers to find the right tires for their vehicle by simply typing into a search box, the tire maker said. In addition, the site will allow visitors easy one-click access to tire safety and performance features, as well as direct communication with a Michelin tire expert.

“Our ambition is to streamline and make our websites much easier for people to buy Michelin tires. We want to ensure that the experience is rewarding for all consumers, whether or not they have a great knowledge of tires,” said Olivier Chenevez, global marketing manager for the company’s passenger car and light truck business unit. “That’s why we’ve designed the new platform to be centered around the customer, not on the tire.”

The United States will be the first to connect with the new online platform at www.michelinman.com.

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