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According to 7 key information on e-commerce of fresh food in produce, meat and dairy released by AMCOR, April 2020, the demand for online food shopping is growing steadily, with home delivery being the most popular form of e-commerce for groceries (79% of the UK population want this when shopping in line). As 42% of consumers spend more online than in-store, the benefits of developing a strong online presence with a reliable and engaged delivery partner are increasing.

In recent months, many older ‘money surfers’ have turned to online shopping, and research suggests they will continue to shop online beyond the pandemic. Meanwhile, as social distancing appears to remain over the Christmas season, retailers could see a significant shift in consumers towards online delivery during this crucial commercial time.

Hold the great experience you are known for
For independent retailers to capitalize on these growing trends, they need to harness their strengths online the way they do in-store, as well as leverage the successful models that other companies in the industry have put in place – for example, by offering the personalized service, excellent products and expert knowledge that their customers appreciate in person, combined with the ease and convenience of an online shopping experience in a larger supermarket.

It is essential that the message throughout the retail experience is perfectly relevant and that it does not slip when customer service is provided by an outside company. Darren Henaghan, Managing Director of Neighborhood market, which works with the grocery delivery service Good sixty said: “Those who shop at Borough Market do so because they know the products here are of high quality, sustainably sourced and often unique. As shoppers want to peruse our many market stalls – soak up the atmosphere, talk to our savvy traders, and discover something new – and by working with Good Sixty we are able to offer an alternative to those. who are unable to reach us. in person. Our online service allows more people to regularly source ingredients they simply couldn’t find elsewhere.

Know what your customers want
Great product photography is a must online. Products need to look as good as in store to get customers to click. And 65% of UK consumers consider sustainability when shopping online, with recyclability being their top concern. So while the packaging must be strong enough to protect the goods in transit, durable materials must be used. The packaging used for online delivery can make a good first impression when the goods arrive at the door.

It is important that commercial retailers trust the provision of their delivery service to the same philosophy so that the customer experience is maintained throughout. Chris Edwards, Founder and CEO of Good sixty explains, “The quality and provenance of Borough Market’s products is exceptional, as is the traders’ passion for what they do. At Good Sixty, we’ve designed Borough Market Online to reflect these qualities, giving users a real glimpse into each stall and the people behind them. Borough Market’s green credentials are also respected: “The Good Sixty platform helps support Borough independent retailers and producers by ensuring they have a collective online space where customers can order from multiple merchants with a single checkout and a single delivery. via our zero-emission cargo bikes and electric vans. This has helped ensure that the market is able to respond to today’s changing customer buying habits, providing Londoners with an ethical and environmentally friendly way to shop online.

Relationships are the key
In this time of distant communications, it is important that the relationship between customers and retailers is maintained, with a direct line of contact established between them. This way, customers can make special requests and retailers can offer carefully thought-out alternatives to out-of-stock items, just as they would in-store, when shopping online.

Chris says: “As Borough Market is emerging as a place where more and more people shop on a weekly basis, there is a far-reaching advantage beyond the market itself; the reason we call ourselves Good Sixty is because research shows that every pound you spend with a local independent producer has a 60% greater economic benefit to your local community than spending it with a large supermarket.

While supermarkets and large-scale online retailers have long mastered the art of e-commerce, by building relationships with outsourced service providers who share your independent philosophy, you can capitalize both on consumers’ desire for the security and convenience of shopping online, and for the experience and connection that only an independent retailer can provide.

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