Mandaluyong and San Juan Mayors Condemn Illegal Online Sale of Covid Vaccines, Order Scammers Investigation


On Friday, two mayors of Metro Manila condemned the alleged online sale of Covid-19 vaccines in their cities.

Mandaluyong City Mayor Menchie Abalos has ordered a full investigation into the ‘under the table’ sale of Covid vaccines and asked the city’s police chief to coordinate with the National Bureau’s cybercrime division of Investigation (NBI).

“An investigation is already underway. Thanks to the NBI, we will know if these are real or fictitious online accounts, ”said Abalos.

She stressed, “But whether they are true or false, they will be responsible under the law.”

Abalos warned that if these are indeed legitimate accounts through which vaccines are sold, appropriate criminal charges will be laid once the culprits are identified.

If they are fake accounts, cases of disinformation or dissemination of false information will be prosecuted against these people once found, she added.

According to Abalos, the city government does not sell Covid-19 vaccines or vaccination slots to anyone.

She also urged the public not to patronize and report the illegal sale of vaccines by calling the mayor’s office at 8534-1662.

“We strongly condemn this illegal sale of our Covid-19 vaccines. All vaccines, regardless of brand, are given free to all Mandaleños, and even those who live outside Mandaluyong but work in the city are also entitled to free vaccines, ”Abalos said.

Additionally, Abalos encouraged residents and workers in the city to register through Mandavax’s website for the immunization schedule.


The mayor of the city of San Juan, Francis Zamora, also criticized the alleged program “Vaccine against payment” circulating on social networks.

“Whoever claims to have a contact within the San Juan City Local Government Unit selling our vaccine slots is spreading a scam that members of the San Juan City Immunization Team (LGU) do not are not part of it, ”Zamora said after learning of a social issue. publication in the media of a citizen who received an offer of access to the so-called LGU vaccination program.

“This is a scam to defraud people for something that the government is offering free to its citizens,” he reiterated.

He said the city of San Juan has an online system where qualified citizens can register. Those who signed up stood in line, with over 23% of our target population having already received their first dose for free.

“We have contacted the person who posted this message so that we can take the necessary action against this person claiming to have access to our vaccination program for a fee,” he said, adding that the vaccination program in the city ​​of San Juan is free to residents and qualified persons in accordance with guidelines provided by the Interagency Working Group.

“Our government is providing citizens with free vaccines against Covid-19. Those who claim to provide access to vaccines for a fee must be immediately reported to the authorities and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, ”he warned.


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