Is there a web / cloud based online music recognition website?


Music, the ultimate means of relaxation. Music can work magic if we are fully involved. Suppose you heard a piece of music and wanted to recognize the origin of that song, what would you do? You will take the help of your smartphone as there are tons of apps designed for this purpose. If you don’t have your Android device, what would be the other option? In this situation, cloud-based music recognition website will help you find the source of any music track.

While apps are a more convenient way to accomplish this, we can’t overlook the functionality of cloud-based music recognition websites. Here in this article, we will discuss some well-known websites for identifying the source of music tracks.

Is Shazam a cloud-based music recognition website or app

Shazam is an app to answer our questions about any song. This app is very popular and people also want to know that Shazam is running any cloud based version. Sadly, there is no such thing as a cloud-based Shazam genre, but don’t worry, there are a lot more options for that.

If you’re searching on Windows 10, Cortana is here to help. You can search Cortana or give a voice command to find the source of a particular song. After hearing the music clip through your system’s microphone, Cortana will recognize the song.

Now let’s come to the MAC OS, here you can take the help of Siri for the identification of a particular song. The rest process would be the same as Cortana’s and it will determine the song.

How to know the name of the song used in youtube videos?

Suppose you are watching a video on YouTube and a song in that video, like this song, and want to tag this song. There are two ways by following them, you can easily recognize the name of the song.

Option 1

Have you ever noticed that some videos come with background music from Youtube’s audio exchange library? In this case, it is very easy to dictate the music video. Let’s discuss how. Just click on the video stats button which is just below the video player and you will see the full song information and you will also fill in the singer’s name.

Option 2

In other condition, if a video contains the well-known soundtrack, you have to go to music recognition websites to find out the name of the song. For that, you can use cloud-based music identification app or services.

Best Online Music Recognition Websites

To learn more about music identification services, you need to know about some popular services. So let’s take a look at the best online music tracking services:


Soundhound is the perfect alternative to Shazam app because you can identify any song by singing or whispering. You don’t need to type a query, just sing along and find the result. You can also watch music videos and connect with fan clubs. Even you can share everything with your loved ones and at no cost as it is a free service. For recognition, you need to match the fingerprint of the authentic song accessible somewhere in the concordance. Here you cannot identify the live songs.

music recognition software

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Midomi is another music recognition website to identify the name of your desired music track. Like Soundhound, you have to whisper or sing a particular line and it will produce the appropriate song information. Here you can find the result by playing an audio track on your microphone. This tool also gives you the possibility to connect with people from all over the world. Besides, you can choose many music tracks from its music store because it has more than 2 million songs.

music recognition software

Audio tag

The Audio Tag website provides you with the ability to download music as well as identifying music tracks. Suppose you downloaded a song online and you don’t have any metadata to recognize, the audio tag will solve your problem. It allows you to download a 15 second piece of music or an entire track for identification.

But Audio Tag recommends that you download a track that is 15 to 45 seconds at the most. You can also choose different audio formats like MP3, WAV, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, AMR, FLV and MP4.


If you’ve done your best to find the exact song but all efforts have failed, WatZatsong will help you. If you’ve whispered, hissed, typed in the search bar but was unsuccessful, the only silver lining is WatZatsong.

music recognition software

All the websites work through a robotic system, but watzatsong gives you quite a different service because you can ask real people on the internet. This is a total community service where you have to post your query for other customers to listen to and they will give you the exact answer.


Singing becomes more enjoyable when you combine it with actual lyrics. Musixmatch comes with a lot of lyrics which makes it more popular among people. It is also a community website that allows you to save and share music tracks with others. Its main feature is that you can browse the lyrics even in offline mode.

Its app’s floating lyrics feature lets you experience the lyrics in real time. You can also synchronize the lyrics of the song.

music recognition software

Track ID

Now take a look at another music recognition website tool named TrackID from Sony. This software is quite different from other music identification services, but it has huge users. This tool comes with specific features that set it apart from others.

Thanks to its discovery tab, you will be able to find out what the trends are and what are the most popular searches. Another notable feature of this app is its live map and it allows you to see the tags of many people across the world in real time. Although TrackID does not provide you with links to songs and videos, but avoids you and you can find them on youtube or other sites.

music recognition software


When we watch videos on youtube, some upsetting piece of music occurs and we want to listen to it later and the video doesn’t have the information about it. In this case, Audentifi will guide you. It is a free audio recognition tool for youtube and it allows you to understand the music tracks used in youtube videos.

Image result for audio download

It is so easy to use, you just need to copy url of youtube video and paste it into Audentifi input box. After that, Audentifi will analyze the song and give you the result. It will give you the full song information including the singer of the song. It will also provide you with the link to purchase the song.


Well… all of these shazam alternative web services play the distinctive role of finding the exact song. A music lover can determine the importance of these sites. If you are reading this article, you would definitely be a music lover. Nonetheless, any questions regarding this music recognition website comment below and if you are using any of the above sites please share your valuable experiences with us.


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