IRC launches an online payment portal


In his final stage of development, IRC Commissioner General Sam Koim announced the development of the online platform on Friday, October 1, 2021. Koim described this effort as part of the IRC’s efforts to reach a new technological horizon.

During the launch, Koim said that the IRC has been a passive tax collector for many years. He said the commission had a lot of “laborious manual work” and that as a result, with the launch of the customer-friendly platform, IRC will operate more efficiently and cost effectively.

“By 2025, when I leave the organization, we want to see the IRC grow into a modern, efficient and robust tax administration,” Koim said.

The recently launched online customer platform was developed by NiuPay Limited. NiuPay CEO James Inglis said that “myIRC” is basically a digital self-service platform that will allow taxpayers to interact with IRC.

Inglis stated that NiuPay is committed to ensuring that the solutions provided are up to date and meet the highest possible standards for data and platform security.

Niupay CEO said that “myIRC” was developed to be user-friendly. A similar approach was used to develop online platforms for the Immigration and Citizenship Authority and the Ministry of Lands and Spatial Planning.

The platform will offer a suite of online IRC taxation services. It will allow individuals and organizations, for the first time, to file returns, pay their taxes, and other interactions previously performed only in an IRC office.

As part of IRC’s enhanced services, the online payment portal will facilitate taxpayer payment and reporting obligations. This establishment will also accommodate other services previously only available at the counter:

  • Online payments
  • Accommodations
  • Management accounts of fiscal agents
  • TIN validity search
  • Certificate of conformity
  • MyIRC Online Help Center

IRC guarantees that all of these services will run on a highly secure cloud platform hosted by Amazon Web Services.

Koim said, “Our well-designed service will constantly evolve to meet the needs of the tax administration and taxpayers, even after launch, as we strive to ensure that we have a system that fully meets the needs of taxpayers and is asymmetric with best practices and security accreditation. ”

Prime Minister James Marape, Minister of Lands and Planning John Rosso, Director General of Immigration Stanis Hulahau, Australian High Commissioner in PNG Jon Philp and Executive Director General of Kina Bank Lesieli Taviri, were present at the launch.

Prime Minister Marape congratulated the IRC for launching this vital customer portal in collaboration with the PNG Immigration & Citizenship Authority for the remarkable work done by both departments.

“For Papua New Guinea we have done our best and I just want to say to those of you in this room, especially representing IRC and Customs, our two Revenue Directors, that you have Did a very good service to the nation and I am totally proud of how IRC and Customs have performed in 2020 and 2021.

“The IRC and customs have been operating at high speed as expected of them,” added Prime Minister Marape.


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