Hanauma Bay in Hawaii will require online payment and reservations

HONOLULU – Visitors to Hawaii will now have to make reservations and pay an online fee of $ 25 per person to visit one of the state’s most popular sites.

The Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve will begin the online royalty system on Wednesday for all ages 13 and older, except residents of Hawaii, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported.

“When we first launched the online reservation system in April, one of the first things we noticed was ‘no-shows’, or people not honoring their confirmed reservations,” said Laura Thielen, director of the Honolulu Parks and Recreation Department, in a statement.

“Not only did it take a seat away from another visitor, it also resulted in a potential loss of income,” she said. “As payment is now accepted at the time of booking, it motivates the visitor to honor this commitment, while ensuring that the funds are raised to directly improve the nature reserve. “

Once, attendance peaked at 10,000 per day. The reservation system will cap visitors at around 1,500 per day.

There is an additional parking fee of $ 3 for out-of-state visitors.

Tickets are in high demand, and the booking website says tickets may sell out without five minutes being available. People can book up to two days in advance.

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