GNIDA will provide online services to beneficiaries after Aadhaar verification

Greater Noida: GNIDA (Greater Noida Industrial and Development Authority) has become the first authority in Uttar Pradesh to be granted permission for Aadhaar verification of its grantees by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of India. ‘Union. The process will help GNIDA deliver all online services to its grantees.

The Greater Noida Authority strives to provide all facilities to all home owners from the comfort of their homes. The authority has also launched online services such as the certificate of absence of contribution for industrial sectors. However, it is very important that the authority verifies the identity of the holder of the right to start these services before starting the online installation. This will ensure that there is no possibility for any type of fraud.

Until now, the beneficiary would go to the Greater Noida Authority to have the physical verification done before selling the property and give their consent. After Aadhaar authentication, buyer and seller will not have to go to authority office for physical verification.

Narendra Bhooshan, CEO of Greater Noida Authority said, “Getting Aadhaar Authentication clearance is a great relief for Greater Noida Authority and its beneficiaries. From now on, the authority will be able to provide all the services online to its assignees. Beneficiaries will also not have to visit the Greater Noida Authority office for any work related to their property. Efforts will be made to make all online services available to beneficiaries as soon as possible. »

With Aadhaar verification, the authority will be able to ascertain whether the property is transferred by the correct assignee or not. Similarly, there are many services like Mortgage Permission, Lease Deed Permission where beneficiary verification is important and Aadhaar verification is the most effective way.

Home buyers will be able to access all facilities through the Greater Noida Authority website. By applying online, they will receive a link from the authority. After verification of Aadhaar number and OTP, beneficiaries will be able to access these services.

The online services that will be available on the GNIDA websites are-

Construction Plan Approval, Water and Sewer Connection, Certificate of Operation, Certificate of No Royalty, Mortgage Certificate, Mortgage Permit, Card Assignment Certificate, Change of Address, Time Extension deed of lease, single payment, extension of the construction period, duplicate to its assignees. Issuance of paper, Change of status, Restoration of attribution, Rental authorization, Change of name, taking possession, change of administrators, rescheduling of payment, extension of time for the deed of lease, authorization of commercial activity , plot transfer, land allocation, name linking, KYA (Know Your Allottee) services, etc.

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