First Online Payment App, HesabPay Provides Online Financial Services In Afghanistan


HesabPay is the first online payment app in Afghanistan which was created by an Afghan merchant in 2016 to help the Afghan people with trade deals, technology literacy and daily deals.

The app works in three languages ​​- Pashto, Dari and English – and is usable for both Android and ios operating systems.

Speaking exclusively to Firoz Sidiqy of Khaama Press, HesabPay Acting Director Wahid Niawash said the app is user-friendly and one can only create an account by adding a cell phone number, scanning their ID and taking a self-portrait.

“HesabPay has different uses. Department stores, drugstores and clothing stores have been added to the app and users can shop online through the app which is both a facility for shoppers and shoppers. People can also pay their electricity bills, taxes and Internet bills. Users can also top up their cell phones and can also transfer money to people. Niawash said.

Meanwhile, Niawash added that HesabPay is a private company and has no ties to the government.

He added that by this type of application, they intended to facilitate commerce, life and daily activities of people and that the Afghan governments should prepare the ground for the growth of these applications.

Niawash also said that through these kinds of apps, they aim to make Afghanistan cash and online free trade agreements applicable in the country.

“HesabPay’s goal has four phases, the first: all Afghan people must install the app, 400,000 people have so far installed the app in 24 provinces. Second: all stores must be registered in the app. Third: All private and government employees should be paid through HesabPay and foreign aid should be distributed through the app to prevent corruption and embezzlement. Not a single penny will be lost if the app is used and it is a seamless payment system. Niawash added.

Although people are not fully familiar with such apps, users are happy to use this payment app.

Habibullah Pakdil is a trader from Western Herat Province who has been using the app for a year.

Pakdil said: “I am confident in using the app because it is easy. Customers in Herat province are convinced to use this app and now we have good sales. I have been working here for six years, but my business flourished after I started using HesabPay. 10 to 15 customers make their daily purchases via HesabPay.

Online payment is a new phenomenon in Afghanistan, so the app has a long way to go to gain people’s trust.


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