DMV succeeds in fighting the online sale of appointments

While many Nevada residents are still having trouble getting an appointment with the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles in Las Vegas, some enterprising people are taking advantage of the situation and selling pre-booked time slots.

Several websites offer the option to purchase a DMV appointment on the same day. A website lists appointments available for free with deals starting at $15. The website had appointments available every day, including Christmas Day when the DMV was closed, so it remains to be seen how valid the website is.

According to Julie Butler, director of the DMV, the problem of groups booking appointments and then selling them has exacerbated the problem many people face in securing an appointment in a reasonable time.

“We’re doing our best to monitor this and make sure it doesn’t happen, because it takes appointments away from anyone who’s been patiently waiting,” Butler told the Review-Journal in December.

Butler said the DMV has been working since the summer to resolve the issue of dating for sale online. “We found internal ways to combat this,” she said.

Butler declined to talk further about these measures, saying it could help those looking to circumvent the mitigations.

Some people who purchased date times online were turned away at the DMV’s doors because their names did not match those on the date.

At the height of the pandemic, when the DMV closed for several weeks and then reopened to a backlog of transactions, some residents were unable to book appointments for less than three months. Because of this, some people were camping overnight at DMV offices, and lines were seen stretching across parking lots onto the sidewalks of nearby roads.

This has since changed, with the average wait time for an appointment now being 45-60 days.

Another issue that affects motorists’ ability to book an appointment is no-shows – people who make an appointment and don’t show up. These absences blocked places that could otherwise open same-day appointments in some cases.

“We continue to encourage our customers to come back into the system and cancel them if they can’t keep their appointments,” Butler said.

Butler also recommended motorists check the DMV’s website each day as some same-day appointments become available due to cancellations.

The department is in the midst of a four-year plan to move the majority of its services online, which it hopes will make appointment problems a thing of the past.

The efforts are already having a positive impact on business operations. Since all 35 charity license plates became available for purchase online, nearly 7,000 residents with dealer-purchased vehicles have purchased specialty license plates without having to visit in person.

“Hopefully the need for an appointment will decrease as more services can be completed online,” Butler said.

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