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Dehradun: The Dehradun Municipal Corporation (DMC) online portal has been experiencing ‘technical problems’, residents have claimed trying to pay council tax online. They added that the feedback mechanism was “unsatisfactory”.
DMC launched the online council tax payment service in February 2021. Apart from public convenience, the move was intended to reduce crowds at its office, especially in light of the pandemic. However, users complained that the online installation “didn’t work properly”. “I had been trying to pay taxes on my property for a few days but kept getting error messages. The website server was often down. I had to “try again later” several times. Eventually I had to come to the DMC office to pay the tax since Prem Nagar,” said Rohindra Negi, a resident. Locals have expressed concerns about their inability to register grievances online or with helplines.
“Trying to file a complaint about the street lights is a daunting task, which almost never works. Most of the time the helpline number is not reachable and even if we are able to file one , action on the same takes a long time,” said another resident who did not wish to be named.
Senior DMC officials said they “are aware” of the issues. “We are in the process of revamping the site,” said the municipal commissioner Manuj Goyal.


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