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Daviess County Parks & Recreation is updating its software system this spring to let people do more things online.

And at the same time, the new system will allow the Parks Department to track people who rent picnic shelters and ball diamonds, as well as those who use the Daviess County Gun Club.

This will allow the department to better market the events to those who may be most interested in them.

“If people want to book a picnic shelter, they will be able to do that and make payment online at the same time,” said Ross Leigh, county parks manager. “It should be available by April.”

This will save time for staff and registrants.

CivicRec software has been used by city parks for several years, Leigh said.

“It will take us into a new century,” he said.

The process will work much faster than in the past, he said, and pose fewer problems for those booking dugouts and ballparks.

Leigh said the system will also be used at Daviess County Gun Club for payouts for things like shells and targets.

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The cash register that is there now will no longer be used, he said.

“We’ll know how many boxes of shotgun shells were sold over the weekend and things like that,” he said.

This knowledge will help in tracking inventories.

“Everything will be online,” Leigh said. “We will be able to track people using the system and market directly to them.”

The Owensboro Convention Center, RiverPark Center, and Owensboro-Daviess County Convention and Visitors Bureau also use a system to track people buying tickets or visiting the city and market new events directly to them.

These people have already shown an interest in the events here.

Leigh said: “We realize that some people may not have access to a computer, so we’ll be providing tutorials for them.”

The county has four parks: Yellow Creek, Panther Creek, Horse Fork Creek and the Daviess County Gun Club.

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