CRA removes online services due to cybersecurity threat

Canadians attempting to log into the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) online services on Saturday received a “systems maintenance” notice instead.

Access to the country’s tax and benefits agency was taken offline on Friday after the CRA became aware of a cybersecurity vulnerability affecting organizations around the world.

“There is currently no indication that CRA systems have been compromised or that there has been any unauthorized access to taxpayer information as a result of this vulnerability,” the agency said in a statement. statement.

The CRA said it was working to secure its systems against potential threats and that online services would resume as soon as possible.

The agency did not specify the source of the problem, but a critical vulnerability in a widely used software tool was recently made public.

The flaw in the software, used in industry and government, could potentially allow criminals, spies and even programming novices easy access to internal networks where they can loot valuable data, plant malware, erase crucial information and much more.

At least one other public body in Canada has also responded by temporarily removing online services.

Metrolinx of Ontario removed GO Transit online services Friday evening after a warning from the federal government about a cybersecurity breach.

Services resumed Saturday afternoon after a 5 p.m. hiatus. Metrolinx said it improved security to protect it from the vulnerability and no customer, personal or financial files were compromised.

With files from Kerrisa Wilson of CP24 and The Associated Press

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