College of the Desert online services restored after malware attack

College of the Desert’s online services and website were fully restored July 21, COD officials said Friday. The restoration came about two and a half weeks after the college suffered its second malware attack in two years.

The 4th of July attack took most of the college’s online services offline, bringing down the COD website and impacting both campus phone lines and employee email accounts.

On July 5, COD set up temporary online routes to course resources and launched a temporary website to share updates and FAQs. The college restored campus internet services, including Wi-Fi, on July 14, and restored telephone services and its website on July 18.

The restoration of faculty email and several online student services, including payment processing, on July 21 means the website and all online services are now “fully restored”, according to a press release. .

Services have been restored in those phases over the past few weeks based on an “internal recovery plan,” according to COD. Students can now enroll in and drop out of courses, request transcripts, and access records.

The college is working with law enforcement to investigate the attack and “given the sensitive nature of the investigation, it will not be issuing any further communications on the matter,” the statement said.

A malware attack also disrupted COD’s network services in August 2020, forcing students to start the fall semester without access to the college’s website and email system.

Previous reporting by Desert Sun reporter Jonathan Horwitz was used in this story.

Erin Rode covers the environment for the Desert Sun. Reach her at [email protected] or on Twitter at @RodeErin.

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