Centric Consulting Partners with EngageSmart to Deliver Online Payment and Escrow Solutions to Utilities, Insurance and Healthcare Organizations


CLEVELAND & BOSTON – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Centric Consulting and EngageSmart (NYSE: ESMT) today announced their partnership to bring dynamic IT solutions and services to utility, insurance and healthcare organizations.

The EngageSmart InvoiceCloud solution, which provides online engagement and payment portals for utilities, governments and insurance organizations, pairs well with Centric’s utility and insurance practice groups. InvoiceCloud’s Electronic Invoice Presentation and Payment (EBPP) platform enables businesses to deliver the online experience and self-service options of a modern business to customers, increasing adoption by customers and overall revenues. HealthPay24, which is EngageSmart’s payment solution for healthcare providers and organizations, brings the same convenience and ease of use to the patient payment experience.

“EngageSmart is one of the few customer IT solution providers to be truly digital first in every way. This gives organizations a competitive advantage by enabling them to provide their own customers with an enjoyable experience, ”said Michael Murphy, Practice Manager, Centric Energy and Utilities. “We are all consumers accustomed to easy digital interactions in all other business interactions, from travel booking to online banking and EngageSmart makes this possible for organizations that are faced with the imperative to innovate or die. . ”

“Centric Consulting’s tailored approach to digital transformation through specialized practice areas and hands-on partnership with their clients aligns well with our customer-centric technology at EngageSmart,” said Bob Bennett, CEO of EngageSmart. “The added ability to work with Centric to accelerate innovation in key industries gives our own customers the breadth and peace of mind of knowing they are working with the best solutions with the specialist knowledge required for a successful implementation. fluid and transparent work. ”

To learn more about the partnership, contact Michael murphy or visit https://centricconsulting.com/industries/energy-and-utilities/.

About Centric Consulting

Centric Consulting is a management consulting firm that guides you in finding answers to complex digital, business and technology problems by asking tough questions, leading crucial conversations, and mixing our experts with yours. As you get to where you want to grow, we can help you conquer change, optimize processes, elevate your technology, and compete in a digital world. Based in Ohio with locations across the country and India, our consultants provide a wide range of services depending on client needs, industry and desired outcome. Our teams in Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Healthcare & Insurance bring extensive experience to help you transform your organization to increase operational efficiency, improve service customer and increase profitability. Since its inception in 1999, Centric has won over 100 awards in recognition of the company’s commitment to employees, customers and communities. Visit http://www.centricconsulting.com to learn more.

About EngageSmart:

EngageSmart is a leading provider of customer engagement software and vertically tailored integrated payment solutions. At EngageSmart, our mission is to simplify customer and customer engagement so that our customers can focus their resources on initiatives that improve their businesses and better serve their communities. Based in Braintree, Mass., EngageSmart offers single-instance, multi-tenant, and true Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) vertical solutions, including SimplePractice, InvoiceCloud, HealthPay24 and DonorDrive, designed to simplify engagement. of our customers with their customers by driving digital adoption and self-service. EngageSmart serves over 74,000 clients in the Small Business Solutions segment and over 3,000 clients in the Enterprise Solutions segment in five major verticals: Health & Wellness, Government, Utilities, Financial Services and Donations. For more information, visit https://engagesmart.com and follow us on LinkedIn.


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