Best Educational Sites and Online Services for Education of 2022

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About the best educational sites and online services for education

After a few years of universal use, e-learning websites are doing well. With a virus forcing most of us to rethink what and how we do it, especially when it comes to education, learning sites allow us to expand our minds and our creative spirit. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world or how little experience you have on a subject, you can learn just about anything, as long as you have an internet connection. “Learning” is not limited to the subjects taught in school. There are websites where you can learn the latest software skills, become a good manager, study the art of writing memoirs, watch a tutorial on setting up a sewing machine, and listen to a renowned teacher. world in its specialty explain how they did it. . the.

We review learning websites that anyone can use that offer non-matriculated learning. In other words, you cannot earn a degree or college credit by completing coursework. Unlike online colleges and universities, learning websites do not ask you to apply for their program. Instead, anyone can sign up and satisfy their interest in their freedom. We also look at sites that provide content for free or require you to pay a subscription to access an extensive catalog of learning.

Check out the list of the best educational sites and online services for education

will race

The Coursera app lets you download course materials when you’re offline. Allowing you to learn and study on the go, perfect for air travel. Courses taught by top experts in their field from world-class universities and organizations. Plus, their beta testers are a way to keep the course content at the highest level and up-to-date.

Coursera is an online learning platform that offers thousands of learning programs, from courses to majors and degrees. It works with top universities and organizations to facilitate its online courses. Coursera offers a variety of payment plans, ranging from completely free to paying for an individual course or through a monthly or annual subscription.


Udemy is an online learning site that sells video courses on a variety of subjects. Their forte is personal and professional development, with excellent management training, software tutorials, programming courses, and more. You can pay for Udemy courses one at a time, with prices varying by course, or you can access a catalog of content with a commercial subscription.

In addition to offering online courses, Udemy welcomes instructors who want to take courses and sell them on the platform. Compared to other sites that host learning content, Udemy has incredible resources for teachers, including a regularly updated list of requested topics.


Udacity is a for-profit online education platform based in Silicon Valley. The platform offers massive open online courses (MOOCs) and microcredit programs (Nanodegrees). Udacity courses are born from the association with recognized companies in Silicon Valley.

This is also why technology-related courses are the most popular category on Udacity. After all, the vast majority of Udacity’s corporate partnerships come from technology. And these companies need technicians above all. Udacity’s job is to train them.

HS code

You can study the glossary (paid subscribers can talk to a tutor). However, the service lacks community forums where you can share your knowledge; Presumably, that’s what classrooms are for. Only teachers can collaborate on their own forums. CodeHS allows schools to request a quote for any of its three paid subscription tiers: Pro, School License, and District License.

CodeHS community features make increasingly difficult topics even easier for students. School administrators and teachers using CodeHS can create class codes that allow teachers and students to collaborate online during and after school hours.

shared competence

The platform keeps growing and now offers thousands of classes in different niches. Skillshare gives its members unlimited access to courses for a monthly fee, and also offers many free courses. Skillshare courses are not accredited and you will not get any certificate upon completion.

Skillshare does not issue certificates when you complete a course. Therefore, you won’t get any roles, “just” the knowledge and skills. While the fact that it’s not “real” training isn’t important to me, it’s a concern for some people considering joining the platform.

master class

It is a platform where masters in their fields teach you the inner secrets of their craft. For an annual fee, you can learn from the brightest minds on the planet. MasterClass is an online learning platform where some of the biggest celebrities in the world teach you their craft.

But this is also its downside. These classes are based on how exciting it is to be taught by a celebrity. They are not as focused on teaching in the most effective way. MasterClass is basically a combination of Netflix and online college seminars. Intriguing content, great lessons, big names.


Edx includes online courses that are configured in unique blocks. You’ll follow weekly learning streams featuring short videos, interactive learning exercises, and more. Courses often feature video tutorials that will give you the same kind of professional training and hands-on experiences you could get if you were studying on campus at an institution.

One of the main things that most edX reviewers mention is that the courses are incredibly flexible. There are self-paced classes and instructor-paced classes, with instructor-paced classes that follow a set schedule with specific due dates for all tests, assignments, and quizzes.


Alison is an online learning platform designed for students who want to learn skills that will be immediately practical in the job market. Whether you’re a busy parent with just a few hours a week to devote to online education, or a committed full-time student, you’ll likely find what you’re looking for at Alison.

Alison offers three main course types, allowing maximum flexibility for all students. While there are some situations where you may want to specialize in an entire area, in others you may simply want to gain a deeper understanding of certain individual concepts within an area.

Plural view

Pluralsight’s content covers a wide variety of technology topics, from software development to data to cybersecurity and more. Courses on the platform are created by over 1,500 industry experts and partners (eg, Google, Adobe, Microsoft, and Oracle).

You can also search for specific keywords in the search bar to find courses that match your criteria. Using this method, you can filter by course, blog, resources, authors, skill level, and features. One downside is that you can’t filter or rank courses based on grades.

khan academy

Khan Academy is an online educational website that offers over 3,000 free instructional videos for learning math and science. It was created by a former hedge fund manager, Salman Khan, who wanted to provide the world, especially developing countries, with access to education without the need for money or specialized online courses.

If you want to go online to improve your understanding of a subject, Khan Academy is one of the best online learning platforms you can consider. Each lesson contains components such as lectures, videos, and other interactive elements that are sequenced so you can start from the beginning.

Final Words: Best Educational Sites and Online Services for Education

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