BAC Education Sdn Bhd Wins Online Services – Education Award at Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 2022

The BAC Education Group comprises 30 companies dedicated to providing innovative learning and promoting human development in Malaysia and Southeast Asia through education. With a network of world-class partner universities and organizations, BAC Education provides students with an unparalleled educational experience and creates value for its stakeholders through innovative technology.

In line with its vision of training innovative leaders with a futuristic spirit, the Group has launched Learn differentlythe ultimate next-generation holistic education experience, which includes four main pillars; Learn, play, work and make an impact. The Group’s initiatives are organized around these pillars to give its students a solid foundation to navigate the fourth industrial revolution and ride the wave of change in an increasingly globalized environment.

BAC has focused its efforts on digitizing its platforms and finding innovative ways to integrate Learn Different into its students’ journey. Thus, over the years, the Group has adopted and used revolutionary technologies to enable a seamless transition to online education and digital platforms. When the pandemic first hit, BAC Education was able to adapt effectively to the new normal, with minimal disruption to its operations and student journey.

To learn

BAC Education firmly believes that education is a fundamental human right and that no student should be left behind. The first pillar, Learn, was used to ensure that students could gain equal access to educational opportunities anywhere, anytime. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies, state-of-the-art tools, and collaborations with technology players and industry giants, BAC Education has established an efficient and seamless online learning experience.

Some of the group’s notable initiatives include; BACLearn learning management system (a single learning portal with unlimited access to an extensive library of pre-recorded classroom lessons, digital resources, student-teacher interactions and more), Hybrid Campus (allowing students to seamlessly transition from face-to-face classes on campus to online classes in the safety and comfort of their own home), Additional learning platforms (BAC has partnered with industry giants and world-class universities, such as LinkedIn Learning, Skillshare and Coursera, to provide students with free micro-certificates, real-world experiences and networking opportunities ), AI chatbots (BAC has introduced AI chatbots to improve the student experience), and ABACUS (a digital resource library offering 24/7 access to over 100,000 videos and a huge collection of essential e-books, journals and resources).


Whether its students study online or on campus, BAC’s second pillar, Play, offers exciting opportunities to ensure a fun and holistic student life. Thanks to a hybrid student life, students can organize and participate in hybrid events, webinars, contests, concerts, conferences and more, on campus or from home. The Group has also ensured that its students can stay healthy and fit during the multiple confinements via its gymnasium, MonsterFit. The gym has moved its operations online by hosting virtual fitness classes using digital features such as live streams, workout video library, health calculator and more for free through its website. The Group has also developed an online platform offering thematic virtual races to raise awareness and fundraise for charitable causes.


The Work pillar is not just about providing students with the knowledge to graduate and find a job. It goes way beyond that. BAC is committed to ensuring that its graduates remain relevant so that they are empowered to take ownership of a truly worthwhile future.

Covid-19 has made it almost mandatory for Malaysians to upskill and retrain quickly to meet the demands of their new roles, especially within SMEs. To facilitate this rapid digitalization process, BAC Education has taken a series of measures to help build a digital workforce and reduce unemployment, including upskilling and reskilling programs (Project Entrepreneur and Project DEEP) and portals jobs and learning platforms such as,, SpecialJobs,, Jobs4All and Project Apprentice for young people, recent graduates, people with special needs and laid-off workers.


True to its philosophy of giving back, BAC Education Group has transformed the lives of over 500,000 people from B40 communities in PPRs, UNHCR refugees, migrant workers, people with disabilities, Orang Asli settlements, islanders from Sabah and female-headed households. since 2020.

BAC uses the Make It Right movement and Pertubuhan BANGKIT (UPLIFT) as platforms for social awareness, which aim to improve the lives of marginalized and disadvantaged people and grant them a life of dignity and self-esteem. Over the years, these initiatives and platforms have been digitized to ensure widespread and effective impact.

Notable Group initiatives include:

  • BACFlix – The largest private sector free education initiative that operates six specialized online learning portals for primary and secondary school children. To date, BACFlix offers over 9,000 courses with over 190,000 students using the platform.
  • – A national campaign to bridge the digital divide in education by equipping every marginalized school child with a digital device. To date, the initiative has raised RM48,000 and distributed 106 devices,
  • FreeMakan – A BAC Food Bank initiative dedicated to eradicating food poverty in Malaysia by providing dry rations and cooked food to those struggling with hunger. To date, the initiative has raised RM1.6 million and helped 106,000 people,
  • Reach – An initiative dedicated to providing help and support to those going through mental health issues, depression, anxiety and stress, and
  • Covid fund An initiative dedicated to mobilizing crucial aid for our government and frontliner hospitals battling Covid-19. To date, the initiative has raised RM427,656 and sent supplies to 15 government hospitals and clinics.

The BAC Education Group aims to continue to integrate emerging technologies and tools into its Learn Different pillars, ensuring the ultimate lifelong student experience.

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