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Online sales scams are on the rise: Agassiz RCMP

Victims scammed for money, items sold

The local RCMP detachment is noticing an increase in scams in online marketplaces.

sergeant. Agassiz RCMP spokesman Mike Sargent said there has been a recent increase in reports of fraud involving victims posting items for sale online through Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or Kijiji. Sargent said the scammer contacts the victim, agreeing to pay for the item via wire transfer and providing an address to ship the item via Canada Post or a parcel delivery service.

The victim would then receive a notification that the electronic transfer was in progress but funds were being held until a tracking number could prove the item was shipped. The victim would then ship the item, providing a tracking number, but never receiving the agreed funds.

“Usually the address provided to ship the item is from a third party or company that doesn’t know it,” Sargent added.

Report suspicious activity to the Agassiz RCMP at 604-796-2211. For emergencies, dial 911.

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