aadhaar: Delhi Government will now accept Aadhaar for these 8 online services

Delhi residents can now avail eight online services provided by the Delhi government through Aadhaar.

The city government

department has been authorized by the UIDAI to accept Aadhaar for these services.

Services include Freehold Conversion, Online Dues Payment, Refund Applications, Mortgage Approval, Possession Application, Change of Incorporation, and Construction Time Extension.

Applicants of these services will share their Aadhaar details with their consent. In other words, people will be asked to give consent for their Aadhaar details. No service or benefit will be denied to the applicant.

The Aadhaar number will never be displayed anywhere and it will be stored securely in the Aadhaar data vault, said a notice from the department released last week.

The objectives and related information and the manner for which Aadhaar is sought will be clearly communicated to applicants, the notification states.

The UIDAI had previously advised that those who do not have an Aadhaar number or registration card may not qualify for government grants and benefits.

UIDAI is a statutory authority responsible for issuing 12-digit Aadhaar to all residents of India.

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